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La Commedia Divina
Illustration 35
Gustave Dore


Leilani Bustamante, Schism, 2014

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This is my beautiful altar for the fall season. Can’t wait for Samhain!

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Karlie Kloss, shot by Jacob Sutton

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Humans who call themselves satanists because they go around sketching little pentagrams and saying hail Satan are truly a disgrace to the Satanic religion. Let’s not even go in deeper about how they are also part of the ones causing all the misconception and humiliation on the Wicca religion and others. Truly sad.    


Various elements and images that were a part of my ‘Book of Blood’ art series, which was comprised of a total of 19 images. Each image was accompanied by a handcrafted talismanic sigil card which were sealed in red envelopes with gold wax and blackthorns.

The entire series of images was on exhibition during the 2011 Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, WA. And would eventually make up the latter half of my own book ‘Whisperings from the Void’ that was published by Aeon Sophia Press.

This entire series has been sold.

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"A Lover’s Call to the Angel of Witchblood" adapted from The Draconian Grimoire, Andrew D. Chumbley (excerpt: I of IV)



I. The First Call: Petition

Myself to myself I offer, this Holy Rite to begin.
By Lightning-bolt, by Flaming Torch, by the Serpent’s Fire within:
Let all that I have attained in eternity be manifest in the Present Moment of I: Absolute.

O’ Azra-Lumial! Angelick Soul of the Master Cain!…


Curiosities of Shadow by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP

Photo by Chris Goodman